Passaic County’s Source for Micro-Markets

Vending machines in Passaic County

What is a Micro-Market? Envision a right-sized convenience store complete with a huge selection of snacks, foods and drinks displayed in attractive coolers and racks, except right at your Passaic County office or business. We work with you to install the infrastructure to best fit your available space. Customers can go into the store, pick and choose what they want and then bring them to the self-checkout kiosks. There they simply scan their items and swipe a payment card, and they are ready to enjoy.

Get Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services from Passaic County Company

Coffee is important for most offices. Passaic County offices are no different. So why not provide great tasting coffee for your employees to keep them going throughout the day? Vendrite has the brewing machines you want – including single-cup units – and a wide range of coffees and teas in multiple brands and flavors. We’ll also stock your break room with everything else you need, and regularly service your brewing machines. Need better water at your location? We provide water filtration services, with machines that connect directly to your water supply for better tasting, healthier filtered water from the tap.

Micro-Markets in Passaic County

Vendrite – Passaic County’s Best Choice in Vending Machines

The reasons for adding vending to your business location are many, but there’s only one company with Passaic County’s best selection in vending machines and the products to fill them – Vendrite. We have the state-of-the-art snack, soda, cold food and office coffee vending machines to provide you with efficient, reliable service. We also offer both Coke and Pepsi machines? Depending on your preference, you can choose a typical customer pays vending program, or ask about our unique subsidized or free vending arrangements.

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