Vendrite – NYC’s Vending Machine Authority

Vending machines in NYC

If you’re looking for vending machines in the NYC area, then you’re on the right website. We have all the machines you could want, from snack, food and beverage machines to the more unique coffee and ice cream vending machines. Then we support them with a gigantic selection of the snacks, drinks and beverage items that you actually want. We install, supply and maintain your machines for free. Either choose from a traditional vending agreement, or look into our unique subsidized and free vending options.

NYC Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Keep your people in the office for coffee with Vendrite’s office coffee services. We serve the NYC area with a wide range of brewers, with everything from traditional options to single-cup brewers. Then we back those brewers up with all the coffee and tea brands and flavors you could want. When you sign-up for our services, we’ll install the machines and clean/maintain them on a regular basis. We’ll also help keep your break room stocked, not just with coffees, but with the stir sticks, napkins, cups and items you need. Need help with your water quality to achieve better tasting coffee? We have that covered too with water filtration services. Our technology is plumbed right into your water supply, making better tasting water a reality right from the tap.

Micro-Markets in NYC

Micro-Markets Available in NYC

Want something different from a vending program than the traditional bank of vending machines. Then a Micro-Market might be the best solution for your NYC location. This is where we work with you to turn a portion of your office or facility into a self-sufficient convenience store. We’ll install the racks, displays and coolers to fit your unique space, and you choose from a huge assortment of drinks, foods and snack items to fill it. Once the store is open, the customers run it. They simply walk in, pick and choose what they want, and scan/pay for the items at the self-service kiosks.

Get a higher level of vending in NYC. Contact Vendrite at 718-767-9292 or e-mail