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Vending machines in New York City

Whether you’re looking for traditional vending machines, like snacks and beverages, or something a bit more unique like vending machines that serve food items, ice cream or coffee, Vendrite is your source in New York City. We carry a comprehensive line of products from which to choose, without restrictions. You don’t have to choose between Coke vending machines and Pepsi vending machines – you can have both. All this is supported by very flexible vending programs. Either work with us the traditional way of customers paying for the products they want directly, or look into our subsidized and free vending programs.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration in New York City is Easy with Vendrite

New York City runs on coffee…and progressive businesses here run on Vendrite’s office coffee service. We do it all, from providing you with the state-of-the-art brewing machines, including the latest in single-cup technologies, to providing the coffees and teas you need. When you engage in our services, we set up the machines and maintain them on a regular basis. We not only keep you stocked with coffees and teas, but all the other items needed for your break room, such as cups, stir sticks and condiments. If water quality is an issue, just ask us about our water filtration services. Our plumbed in-line solution provides great tasting filtered water directly from the tap.

Micro-Markets in New York City

Micro-Markets Available in New York City

One of the latest trends in vending, Micro-Markets basically put a convenience store right in your New York City location. We’ll work with you to coordinate your available space and fill it with attractive racks, coolers and displays to store a huge variety of snacks, foods and drinks. Then the store basically runs itself. Customers can walk in, select what they want and then bring it to the self-serve kiosks. Once there, they simple scan and pay. It’s fast, simple and a great fringe benefit.

Enjoy the best New York City has to offer and choose Vendrite. Call us at 718-767-9292 or e-mail