New Jersey’s Best Source for Vending Machines

Vending machines in New Jersey

Vendrite is New Jersey’s solution for all types of vending machines, from traditional snack and beverage machines, to ones that serve foods, coffee and ice cream. Our machine technology is state-of-the-art and our selection of snacks, food items and beverages is enormous. You select the items you want, and we’ll regularly stock and maintain your machines. We also are known for our flexibility with vending agreements beyond the traditional, such as subsidized and free vending options.

Water Filtration and Office Coffee Services for New Jersey

New Jersey offices and facilities in need of better water quality or office coffee services should call on Vendrite first. Our water filtration solutions utilize a bottleless filtration technology so all you need to do is turn on the tap to enjoy better tasting water. This works great in conjunction with our leading office coffee solutions. It starts with a variety of brewing machine solutions, offered with a wide array of coffee and tea brands and flavors, but it’s the service behind the coffee that really makes it special. We work hard to keep your machines operating properly, and to make sure your break room is regularly stocked with the items you need, such as coffees, teas, cups, napkins, stir sticks and more.

Micro-Markets in New Jersey

New Jersey’s Choice for Micro-Markets

Looking for something new when it comes to vending? Then check out Vendrite’s Micro-Market services. Available to all New Jersey customers, Micro-Markets are a completely different approach to vending than the standard vending machine offering. We work with you to select a space in your office or facility to turn into a self-sufficient convenience store, complete with attractive coolers, displays and racks. Once installed, you get to choose from a huge selection of snacks, food items and beverages to fill it. When the store is stocked, it’s ready for customers to walk in, select what they want, and pay for their items at the self-checkout kiosks. It’s not only the pinnacle of convenience, but it also doesn’t get any easier.

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