Micro-Markets to Serve Morris County Businesses

Vending machines in Morris County

Vendrite offers a unique service for Morris County businesses called Micro-Markets. This goes beyond a standard bank of vending machines. Instead we work with you to set up a space in your location to install displays, coolers and racks. These then house a huge variety of snacks, food items, drinks, fruit and other healthy products, with the choices completely at your discretion. The store doesn’t need workers because the self-service kiosks do all the work. People simply come in, select what they want and check out at the kiosks.

Morris County’s Best Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

If you’re looking to supply coffee to your Morris County employees rather than them having to get it at a local coffee shop, just call Vendrite. Our brewers offer the latest in convenience features, from traditional machines that brew by the pot to single-cup brewers. We also offer all the brands and flavors you could want, including teas. Our service doesn’t stop after install. We not only come back regularly to restock your coffee supply, but we also maintain the machines and source and stock products for your break room. Need better water quality in the office? Add our water filtration services to your program. Incorporating a bottleless filter system, our units plug right into the water supply to deliver clean, filtered water to your tap.

Micro-Markets in Morris County

The Vending Machines Morris County Wants

When it comes to vending machines, variety is key. That’s why you should choose Vendrite for your Morris County location. We have a variety of machines, from snack, beverage and food machines to cold food and coffee vending machines. And we have a huge variety of snacks, drinks, foods and healthy products to fill them. No matter what machines you choose, the selection is completely up to you. We’ll even accommodate special requests. The standard agreement with our vending machines is the customer pays for each product, but ask about our subsidized and free vending options as an additional fringe benefit.

Find out everything we can do for you. Call Vendrite at 718-767-9292 or e-mail sid@vendritevending.com.