The Right Vending Machine Choice in Hudson County

Vending machines in Hudson County

Companies install vending machines on premises for a number of reasons. Whether it’s as a fringe benefit to employees or a way to encourage greater productivity, if you’re in Hudson County look to Vendrite for all of your vending machine needs. We have the snack, beverage, food, coffee and ice cream vending machines to get the job done, with a huge selection of leading brand products to fill them. Do some of your people prefer Coke whereas others want Pepsi? There’s no need to choose, we’ll give you both. We’re also flexible with our vending agreements. Ask us about subsidized and free vending options.

Hudson County’s Prime Source for Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

We provide office coffee and water filtration solutions for any Hudson County business. Our selection of brewing machines range from traditional high-volume brewers to flexible single-cup options. These are supported with a wide range of coffees and teas of all brands and flavors. Once your machines are set up and brewing, we’ll regularly come back to maintain your machines and stock your break room. Furthermore, we offer water filtration services for locations that need a better water solution. This bottleless solution connects to your water supply so clean, filtered water is ready at the turn of a faucet.

Micro-Markets in Husdon County

Hudson County Micro-Markets

Vendrite provides Micro-Market services to Hudson County. What’s a Micro-Market? It’s basically a convenience store located right in your office. We install the attractive coolers, displays and racks in your available office space, and then stock them with countless snack, food and beverage options of your choosing. Once the store is open, employees can walk through and grab what they want, finishing up at the self-service checkout kiosks. It’s the ultimate in selection and convenience, and it’s a great fringe benefit for your people.

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