Brooklyn’s Best Vending Machines are at Vendrite

Vending machines in Brooklyn

Adding vending machines to your operation is a great way to fuel your staff, and no matter what type of machines you’re looking for, Vendrite is the place to start in Brooklyn. We have machines that vend virtually anything – snack vending machines, beverage machines, food items, coffee and even ice cream. Of course, the machines don’t offer much without the products within, and we are known for our wide variety. Beyond high flexibility when it comes to your machines and the items they vend, we also offer a lot of flexibility with our vending agreements. Ask about such unique setups as subsidized and free vending programs.

Brooklyn Gets Its Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services from Vendrite

Keep employees happy and productive by installing a Vendrite office coffee service right in your Brooklyn location. We offer all the coffee and tea brands and flavors you could want with the brewing technology to support them. Our machines run the gamut from traditional brewing machines to single-cup brewers. The machines are then supported with regular maintenance checks and restocking of your break room items. If you also need better tasting water, look into our water filtration services. Our units attach directly to your water supply, delivering great tasting filtered water from the tap. This is a great service to pair with an office coffee program or as a drink on its own.

Micro-Markets in Brooklyn

Micro-Markets Available for Install in Brooklyn

So you’re looking for a vending program to add to your Brooklyn facility, but something beyond the typical vending machine setup? Then Vendrite’s Micro-Market offering may be for you. This is where we come in and convert a portion of your building into a mini convenience store – complete with displays, coolers and racks containing hundreds of snack, food and beverage items. The massive selection is a huge selling point, but even better is the convenience. Employees can pick and choose the items they want and when ready to check out, they do it themselves at the self-serve checkout kiosks. A quick scan and swipe of a card and away they go.

Vendrite is ready to deliver for Brooklyn. Call 718-767-9292 or e-mail